About us
Wellness Analytics
Empower Individuals

Our purpose is to empower individuals to take control of their own health and wellness.

Personalized guidance

Provide personalised recommendations based on your unique microbiome and health profile.

Fuelled by data

All data feeds back into our recommendation algorithms leading to further insights.

Science & Technology
DNA sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing & Metagenomics allow for full DNA profiling of the bacteria & archaea in your sample.

Our Laboratory

We have partnered with a research laboratory based in Culver City, California (USA) headed by Dr Jinliang Li (PhD Molecular Biology). They perform the full lab workflow within a single week.

Research & Machine learning

We leverage existing published research and augment it with data driven models to uncover deeper correlations.

Our Management
Rose Walbrugh - CEO & Founder

 M.Sc Computer Science (Interactive Intelligence)

I am a senior technologist & serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience across software, cloud & machine learning technologies.

I benefited tremendously from having my gut microbiome sequenced. At the same time I realized how far we were from understanding this complex ecosystem and how it modulates our health. I decided to dedicate my career to furthering microbiome science and making the technology as accessible as possible to others.

Meet the rest of the team

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