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Biomesight Podcast Episode 1: The Microbiome & Autism with Alex Zaharakis

In today's episode, Dr Carly Polland, ND discuss the microbiome and autism spectrum disorder with Alex Zaharakis. Alex Zaharakis is a grateful husband and father of two beautiful children. His interest in the microbiome is driven by his son's regression. His son's regressive autism developed at 17 months old, after a culmination and spark of timely medical insults, several which were microbiome focused. 

Alex has devoted his spare time and efforts in researching and learning about the microbiome, helping other parents to navigate the biomedical and microbiome issues experienced in autism to further development and improve outcomes. Alex is a licensed and board-certified radiation oncology physicist, a microbiome researcher that has created an analytical gut balancing model used by several doctors and practitioners, growing in scope and use. 

He provides microbiome analysis using the software and model to members of his Facebook group who wish to participate in gut balancing. Over a hundred autistic individuals have participated and over 200 other individuals through trained practitioners.

Alex is currently collaborating with an autistic research group that has focused on nutritional supplements, dysbiosis, and the efficiency of microbiota transfer therapy in the treatment of dysbiosis and autism.

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